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Our technology allows price discovery of global farm-gate prices for specialty green coffee and is easily quantifiable. These prices are displayed by country, varieties and quality levels.


Our technology has eliminated information asymmetries to improve decision-making across the coffee value chain. Our model allows the 'true price' of green coffee products to be discovered.

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Our digital price discovery platform is easy-to-use and the state-of-the-art technology also saves you time and money by searching from one location for comparing global farm-gate prices.

* Above is a example of a price discovery page for farm-gate prices. CoffeeChain quality levels correspond to standard specialty coffee industry cupping scores. Prices represent farm-gate price in pounds per US dollars. Disclaimer: Under no circumstances should any material in this site be construed as an offering of securities or of investment advice.

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By looking beyond FOB and providing coffee farm-gate prices, we can explore the ways in which the prices we pay can be distributed more equitably across the coffee supply chain. In doing so, we can get closer to our goal of ensuring that the prices producers receive are above their costs of production and provide a living income, both of which are integral to securing a sustainable and ethical supply chain of specialty coffee. We think the disclosure (transparency) of farm-gate price is great indicator of equity and sustainability in a supply chain.


While many coffee pricing transparency reports show the average FOB price - FOB pricing is the amount paid for the coffee once it is harvested, processed, bagged, added exporter fees, taxes, transported to the port, ready on the ship for export. It is not a reflection of what the farmer actually received, or the farm-gate price. Subjective estimates of farm-gate as a percentage of FOB run from 50 to 80 percent in the coffee sector, depending on the origin and the number of actors in the value chain. The best way to ethically source coffee is to know the farm-gate price.


Our price discovery technology aids in the process of determining the price of green coffee in the marketplace through the interactions of buyers and sellers. These individuals with better information and judgement can participate in these markets to take advantage of this new information and data.

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